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by Philippe Cubemap 360°

Posted on May 11, 2021 at 11:13 AM

While I was researching VR I discovered a technique called 'Cubemap'. Below is an example of the results of the process.

Below is a version I did base on the same model you can see in the Virtual reality article, this way you can use it for comparison. So if you are adventuring into doing this for yourselves. This technology is based on 'pannellum' which you can google and find out a lot more information from its creators on Github. 

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COMMING SOON... Tentacle rigging 4 weeks of testing out rigging concepts for joint chains with a final animator friendly control rig. I can tell you this is a real challenge there are lots of tutorials online on tentacle rigging but I didn't find one implimenting all the various methods into one tentacle rig!



UPDATED CUBEMAP - As I had quite a bit of interest in this article with over 400 page visits I added a virtual gallery. This should interest gallery owners, painters or sculpters that want to present their work in a virtual manner on the web.



UPDATED 360° PRODUCT VIEW - Added a 3d character animation using the same method and the results are interesting if you want to have an animation that you can scrub through frame by frame as this is a feature that not a lot of video players include.



UPDATED CHARACTER MODELLING - Added some more examples of my 3d/ 2d characters including some artwork I did for IOM UN MIGRATION. A childrens colouring book designed to educate young Ethiopian children the dangers of COVID-19 and some simple gests that they can learn to protect themselves.



UPDATED PRESENTATION - Another piece of comic strip artwork from featured artist 'Kickblaster' this time treating the COVID-19 vaccination hype...