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"Interactive 360° image rotations, show your visitors from all possible angles...

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A fun & creative way to showcase items on your website.

360° interactive image rotations To do this, first off the product has to be modelled in 3d software In this case Autodesk Maya. Once the model is done it has to be rotated and the virtual camera used creates 60 rendered images of the full 360° rotation animation. This is done like in a real-world situation (photographic studio) only it is done virtually in a virtual product studio environment with Lighting (Front light, back and bounce). Textures have to be applied to the model and can be in varying resolutions (this is the kind of detail that would vary a price for example as low res 1024px images take a lot less time to render than full UHD 4096px. But you would be paying around 2 - 4 euros per image x 60 images.

360° Product rotations

Whether you want to showcase one of your 3d models to its advantage or you want to show off a product that you sell so your clients can see it from every angle. Free static animations or dynamic animations this is for you!.

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