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"Business Cards, Personalized Id's, Web Banner Images & Animated Corporate Logos

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On the Web, your personal id is you, your image...

Today on the Web personal id is essential and being different from others is getting harder to achieve with millions of Photoshop/ Illustrator 2d templates available and After Effects 3d animated logos and presentation video templates. So how to be different and original and not feel you are representing yourself with a template that thousands of other people are also, using ?. The answer my friend is to hire an artist! get all your original ideas sketches, doodles, colours etc and send them off to a professional CG artist, that's the only way to have a one-off result and will help you stand out in the masses.

You don't have the skills or the software necessary...

Don't panic just send all your doodles, sketches and ideas and let an experienced CG artist take over from there. Transform your own ideas into reality and you will soon be the proud owner of your own business card, logo, banner image etc

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