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This logo animation works for any of your logos that are round. As it is based on a spin and drop, like a coin.


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Really nice little animated logo...

This is perfect for any round Website logo or used for an E-mail signature

It might look simple but is it?

The spin on the spot yes as its rotation pivot point remains in the same position. When it starts to drop due to gravity, well that's a different story and took me a little while to work it out!. It uses a multiply & divide node in Maya and the pivot point is subtracted from the forward rotation so as the edge is always touching the floor plane surface. Using a virtual camera following a curve as to start with the camera is looking straight at the logo from the front, the end of the animation the camera has moved and is now looking at the logo from the top downwards. A really nice little project with some problem solving involved which is what I like. Check out the blog article on the project and find out more about it and watch the video.

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