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Thousands if not millions of ways of presenting your creativity to visitors to your website or social pages. For this article I would like to feature a French comic strip artist called Gérard Périna aka 'Kickblaster'.


Cette bande dessinée a pour vocation de vous raconter l'histoire de la dette publique française de 1945 à nos jours. Translated in English 'This comic strip aims to tell you the story of the French public debt from 1945 to the present day'. So Gérard illustrated an educative political comic book! so now how to present it to the public?. As I mention above there are endless ways of doing this one of the first solutions that spring to mind is the famous image slider, but haven't we not seen it enough in all it's possible forms?.

As with this web platform, the banner image or splash screen is more than likely the first thing your visitors will see so make sure it is representative of the content that follows. Most modern responsive websites designed for mobile devices (smartphones) being one-page designs just scrolling downwards using anchors to navigate to sections. visitors to your web pages are quickly and easily overwhelmed if there is too much text. Long sections of text equal boring so break it up, use all the web elements available to you to make your pages stand out and be creative. The average time spent while someone is researching information on a website is 3/4 seconds, if it does not attract their attention within that time they will leave even if the rest of your site is fantastic!. So make those first impressions count Whammm, Bammm in true cartoon style!.

Le Mouvement des Gilets Jaunes in English The yellow vests movement - named after the high visibility yellow vests worn by demonstrators - an unstructured and sporadic protest movement that appeared in France in October 2018. Quickly, the demands of the movement widened, in particular to the improvement of the standard of living of the popular and middle classes. A little bit of history around the reason behind the comic strip. Gérard targets an alternative audience with his choice of media. And treats an otherwise commonplace subject in a ludic and fun manner. If it had been presented as a boring old pdf or spreadsheet would you have stopped to check it out? I doubt it...

Vaccination comic strip

The image above is another fantastic piece of artwork from Gérard This time focusing on another subject that is getting a lot of hype - the Covid-19 vaccinations (01/2021).

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