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While I was researching VR I discovered a technique called 'Cubemap'. Below is an example of the results of the process.

Below is a version I did base on the same model you can see in the Virtual reality article, this way you can use it for comparison. So if you are adventuring into doing this for yourselves. This technology is based on 'pannellum' which you can google and find out a lot more information from its creators on Github. 

Another interesting method to showcase 3d models, use your finger to navigate/ look around the room zoom in x4 to areas for more detail. This method as its name suggests is based on the 6 inside faces of a cube when it is laid out flat in UV space. The camera used for this creates an image 6x1. You will have to go into the VRay camera attributes and under 'Camera settings' choose 'Cube 6x1' from the drop-down list. Take note there is no distortion in the result and it is impossible to find the joins. If you have done it right and in the Render settings the 'Resolution settings I used were custom Width 9600/ Height 1600 (any ratio of this 6x1 will work). The final rendered  image should look like this:

Once you have the rendered image as above it has to be separated into 6 individual images 1600x1600 px. (this is in my case as my chosen height was 1600 px, your's may be different depending on your 6x1 ratio). To do this use Photoshop's splicing tool and do any color correction work here (probably RGB curves). Export out the images place them on your server where your HTML page can find them. Image numbering/ order is important and I had to flip horizontally the ceiling and the floor images to match up, its a little confusing at first imagining your modeled room flat!.  As this method is all image-based it is a very interesting way to present 3D work to clients if you happen to be an Interior designer, Gallery owner, Online shop, Architect, etc. These two examples have both been created on separate HTM files and are being served up to this page using the HTML 'iframe' code. The 'iframe' width is set to 100% and is respecting its parent div container on this Page. Clicking on the fullscreen button will release it from this default behaviour.

  • These days the world seems to be more and more dependant on virtualization.

As people are not circulating as much as they were for a small online gallery selling paintings, cards, sculptures, or an independent interior designer, etc this could be a halfway meeting point solution, with an amusing way to communicate and stay in relation with your clients. As you can see from the example below artist information hot-spotting is possible, the image/ painting can serve as a link for example to a larger full-size version of the image with description and there is as well the possibility of various rooms a real virtual tour. Now I know what you are all thinking this is all very well and good but in my case I want to look around an object!. Everything we have looked at here so far involves being inside of virtual spaces and looking around us. Some Websites have 360° object rotations that turn around when you slide your finger left/ right on a tactile device. So how do they do that? I wrote another article on this subject you can find it HERE

If you are viewing this on a mobile device I suggest that you put it in full-screen/ landscape mode. Enjoy and all the artists featured in this little virtual gallery exist for real.

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