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June 23, 2021 at 6:47 PM    752

So you want to show off your models to their advantage ?. Try this method out with 360° rotation and magnifying glass to zoom into details.

 Using this method you will need 60 images for a full 360° rotation and you guessed it 30 for a 180°. Let your visitors see your modelling skills using the zoom tool, you have to agree to add this functionality is better than just showing a single image. You can imagine there are loads of scenarios where this could be useful, especially if you are selling things let your eventual clients get a good look at what you are offering them. As the web gets more and more virtualized the technologies become available to developers (open source/ plug-ins) hence mainstream. Visitors to your website will soon not be accepting anything less! are you up to date ?.

In the example below I am showcasing a 3D model of a toy pedal car. This model has a lot of different polygon modelling techniques that I want to bring to my visitor's attention. being able to use the magnifying glass enables parts of the model to be viewed close up X4. It has been rendered with full GI and the fact that it can be rotated shows off all the beautiful reflections on the bodywork. I wanted to show off the underside to show that a lot of attention has been applied to all the parts of this model right down to the dashboard and pedals all of which are hidden if I just displayed it as an image. This model is completely rigged in fact, all that has to be done in an eventual scene is put your character into the pedal car parent it's feet to the pedals and hands to the steering wheel and off you go.

The examples that you see below demonstrates the concept on a commercial website selling sacks & personalized packaging. As you can clearly see the client has the possibility to view the product that they have chosen in a real-time 360° online presentation. They are now more likely to add the product to their shopping cart. This could be done on a website or as a private link sent directly to the client by email. This technology is starting to pop up all over the net and in my opinion reassures any potential client it shows that you too have nothing to hide!. It's the closest you can get to the public coming into your shop and physically handling the object only it's virtual. This is the future of a virtual online shopping experience and it can be an advantage as the 2nd example shows the sack with full studio 360° lighting effects, showing off your creations like a pro!.

Another variation of the same method this time showcasing an animation cycle. This could be useful for demonstrating animation techniques or certain SFX. In this example, I have used my rabbit character and am showing him with a sieve on his head, the person that you send this kind of animation has the advantage of it being frame by frame so can fluidly scrub the animation backwards & forwards which has certain advantages over a video format.

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