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Welcome to theHive Project V2

15 years of pushing the limits teaching myself 3d software and all the other software & plug-ins involved in creating 3d animations alongside learning French as a second language as I am English. Doing shitty jobs in the day times and 7/9 hours of learning every evening. Always dreamed of a better future for myself that is what was driving me forwards? better things will come to those of us that make that extra effort ?. Well I can tell you from experience it is not always true and today I am socially distanced from everyone as far as talking about what I do other people reply "it's too complicated what you are talking about we don't understand you". Exhausted physically & mentally asking myself if it has not all just been a waste of time!. So I created a blog with nearly 100,000-page visits since 2019 but again there is no feedback nobody has created an account and shared their own experiences and their passion for the world of 3d. So I feel like I am talking to myself. So completely capable of producing amazing things but no output for it, it is such a shame. Today obviously the reality has kicked in the physical burnout is well installed and the depression is presentl the age as well 50+ doesn't help my situation. I am writing this short little about me page just to explain my situation and maybe it will help someone else who finds themselves in the same situation. It is the case for a lot of creative artistic people and there are obviously not dream jobs for all of us!. People have tried explaining it all to me that other people just don't have the time to think about animated logos for their websites or SFX on their web pages or social media pages cause they are struggling to survive themselves and have more important issues to consider even if everybody that I show my work is like wow! that is really fantastic how do you do that?. I hope you appreciate my honesty and it is not just another about me page full of positiveness but more welcome to the real world and a face-to-face with reality!. Take the little frog video below for an example a fun and ludic animation for any contact-us page (I give it to you free you can download it and use it on your own site if you wish. Send me a link to the page if you do so it would be much appreciated and proof that there is somebody out there).


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