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This is a nice little follow your mouse icon effect. (not to be overused) I used it for making my website Mascotte #wannababee bumblebee fly around on my previous website the hive project V1. The banner image you see above is my official e-mail signature showing you it is possible to bee creative in places where it is least expected, adding that little touch of attention destined to amuse your clients/ customers (I repeat myself images stay in peoples memories a lot longer than text).

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In this example, the image used is a bumblebee that I modelled and animated in Maya, it works well for this kind of script as it looks like the bee is really flying around!. Rendered out as an image sequence imported into Photoshop and exported out as a continuous animation (.gif). The script has distance from mouse control, ease-in/ ease-out added to the movement and it flips the image depending on what direction the mouse icon is moving!.

I am offering this little script for FREE! If you use it please email me a link to your creativity...

Download follow mouse script

IMPORTANT: I have included an arrow image in the zip file just for demonstration purposes but you will be using your own .gif image so when in Photoshop when you export your image for the web make sure you use matte background colour!. This is the colour of the background colour your image will be layered over if you do not do this step you will find yourself with a little 1-pixel outline around your .gif and trust me, it will not look professional at all.

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