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The Cubemap method is another fantastic way of presenting your 3d virtual spaces. Or, as showcased in the blog example, a veritable online gallery.


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Cubemap interactive 360° image.

As its name suggests this method is using the six inside faces of a cube resulting in an interactive 360° image. It is based on the Pannellum technology, much the same result as VR!. Check out the two blog posts I wrote on both methods to discover the differences. The same workflow as the VR video the CG artist will need your room/ Gallery plan to model it in 3d and if it is the gallery you are interested in the images that you want hanging on the walls. As this is not a software application where you would be able to interchange the paintings!.

Once your gallery has been modelled it is very easy to interchange the paintings

The paintings hanging on the walls of the gallery can easily be updated!. It is just a question of re-rendering the 6:1 image of the gallery with the new paintings texture materials changed. So once you have the gallery space modelled it can be updated within 24 hours as render times for this kind of image with full GI lighting can take up to 8/9 hours to complete, sometimes more!.

Gallery virual tour

A gallery from the start can be modelled consisting of more than one room. A simple link within the gallery will load the next room so as you can give your visitors a real virtual tour experience...

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