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Do you want to create a spoof image?. Amuse your friends on your social pages.

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2D compositing in Photoshop

Creating spoof images for fun!. Maybe you have a special occasion. You want to mark it with an image on your social pages. Once you have the image and you can ask for it in all resolutions to suit your needs. Maybe send it off to print or have it printed on a cup or T-Shirt, use it as a wallpaper image on your smartphone there are endless possibilities

Have fun with 2d compositing in Photoshop

In the above banner image, it was originally a painting! by the french artist Antoine Rigal (you can see it below). I modelled the character from the painting using Maya and composited it next to the artist!. It looks like he is posing with a huge sculpture but the character has never existed in real life!. In the composited image below the background is a beautiful photo taken by the photograph France Eude, again I composited a model of a hedgehog character that I modelled in Maya into it. Next to that is a spoof DVD jacket (look a little closer and you will see it is not the real actors from the film!). So as you can see you can have a lot of fun compositing 2d images, up to you to use your imagination and bee creative!. Finally, a little 3d character was designed for use with the unity game engine so compositing 2d/3d characters over backplates or 2d scrolling backgrounds.


Do you have some crazy ideas for a composition?

"Having a cup of tea and a piece of cake with a frog?, Sitting next to a 3d character on your sofa?". Just a couple of ideas that might inspire you...

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