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A really nice little water effect for anybody associated with water, swimming pools, aquariums, plumbing tool shops, bathroom & kitchen accessories etc. 



Titles or text logos on your web pages using this bevel technique. In the banner image, it is a question mark in a circle. Use your imagination it could be anything you want it to be. It is important to take into account when using this effect the use of close-up camera views!.


This is a nice little follow your mouse icon effect. (not to be overused) I used it for making my website Mascotte #wannababee bumblebee fly around on my previous website the hive project V1. The banner image you see above is my official e-mail signature showing you it is possible to bee creative in places where it is least expected, adding that little touch of attention destined to amuse your clients/ customers (I repeat myself images stay in peoples memories a lot longer than text).