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Welcome to the Hive project - powered by a passion for web development and CG artwork. A real hive of resources and ideas so what is the latest buzz on the net all about ?. Basically, I am a CG artist, I specialize in 3d Character design & Animation but being someone known for passing their life in front of a computer screen. I am often asked to realize other types of projects. With a passion for CG and an inner need to feel useful to people I decided a couple of years back to create a web platform 'the Hive Project'. Its initial intention was to group together marginal or undiscovered artists (the bees) giving them a place (the Hive) to showcase their work. So I put all my knowledge in PHP programming and databases and built from scratch the Hive project. Naively I assumed that everyone these days knew how to use HTML, CSS & Javascript and had left the individual blog page design process open so as each artist/ member was free to be creative in their own design!. I hear artists complaining all the time that they are not receiving enough attention or likes on certain social networking platforms! but give them an alternative and well no it's too hard as it comes with a learning curve when everything is not just automated with a click of a button. Anyway, no regrets I learned a lot doing the project and today it has evolved into The Hive V2 a Web application built using the 'Laravel framework', what used to be simple websites are now becoming full-blown web applications in their own rights. So today, I am ready to feature other artists on the platform and do all the hard work for them as I profoundly believe it is important. I know so much talent is wasted just hanging around on an old HDD or sitting collecting dust in a drawer somewhere and this makes me sad and I feel the need to change it somehow, but how ?. I don't possess a magic wand that gives talented artists all the recognition they merit but I'm doing what I can to help the situation. The Hive project V2 is presented to you in two parts (1) Products & Services (2) The Hive Blog. In part one, I am showcasing products that have already been realized and if you are interested in any of them, they could be adapted to your own personal requirements. and in part two I cover a lot of the techniques that I use in my production workflow revealing to you some tips & tricks that I have learned over the years of doing this. So if you have the software, competencies, time and patients you could adventure into doing something similar for yourselves...

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